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    Tadano Crane Gr700 Japan Model (9.8m boom) Cummins QSL9-4A Engine (No.J0630)

    Outrigger extension width minimum -2.36m
    Outrigger extension width intermediate -7.2m, 5.28m, 4.28m
    Outrigger extension width maximum-7.6m
    jib offset 5° to 60°
    boom hoisting angle 0° to 84°
    Jib length (3-stage full auto jib) 8.4m to 17.7m
    Boom length (6-stage boom) 9.8m to 44.0m
    working radius jib (39.8m (standard performance), 45.5m (forward special performance)
    working radius boom 34.0m (standard performance), 40.0m (forward special performance)
    Maximum ground lift jib (63.0m)
    Maximum ground lift boom (45.2m)
    Maximum lifting capacity single top (5,000kg (1 hook)
    Maximum lifting capacity 8.4m jib (4,000kg × 77° (1 hook)
    Maximum lifting capacity 9.8m boom (70,000kg × 2.1m (8 racks × 2)
    Dimensions when running
    Height 3,750 mm
    Width 2,780 mm
    full length 12,765 mm
    rear axle weight 10,235 kg
    rear front axle weight 10,320 kg
    Vehicle total weight 41,295kg
    front front axle weight 10,240 kg
    driving performance
    maximum speed 49km/h
    Hill-climbing ability (tanθ) 0. 46
    Minimum turning radius 11.5m (front 4-wheel steering)
    Engine/ Transmission Specifications
    Transmission type transmission type, power shift type (wet multi-plate clutch) 4 forward speeds, 1 reverse speed (With Hi, Lo) Axle 2-stage
    Maximum 1,491N•m {152kgf•m}/1,500min-1 {rpm} 3-element 1-speed
    output 276k Wÿ 375PS ÿ/1,900minÿ1ÿ rpm
    Type Total Cummins QSL9-4A (with supercharger and charge air
    displacement cooler) water-cooled 4-stroke 6-cylinder direct injection diesel engine
    Maximum 8.849L

    Round boom

    High strength round boom

    *A round boom that achieves both vehicle weight reduction and crane performance. By further increasing the strength, the maximum lifting capacity has been improved.


    Equipped with highly efficient and safe SACO Jib

    *SACO Jib eliminates work at height and improves safety. It also saves space and shortens work time.

    fuel consumption monitor

    *The AML monitor that monitors safe work is equipped with a fuel consumption monitor function that promotes environmental contributions. As a result, the fuel consumption during operation, non-operation, and running of crane work is always displayed in a timely manner, supporting
    environmentally friendly work. Furthermore, the data can be displayed as a history, and the operating status can also be grasped


    *It is possible to limit the maximum engine speed during crane operation and switch to a speed suitable for work. By suppressing unnecessary engine speed when accelerating, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 15% in Eco Mode 1 and up to 26% in Eco Mode 2, and fuel consumption is improved. . Eco mode can be selected in advance on the screen according to the work and site environment. All you have to do is turn on the eco mode switch.

    positive control

    *Efficiently controls the amount of hydraulic pump discharge during crane work according to the operation amount of the operation lever. When the crane is not in operation, the discharge volume of the hydraulic pump can be minimized, reducing CO 2 emissions and fuel consumption during non-operation.

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      BodyCrane, Machinery
      ModelGR 700
      Fuel typeDiesel
      Mileage14154 Km
      EngineCummins QSL9-4A
      Displacement4-stroke 6-cylinder
      Exterior ColorBlue White
      Interior ColorAsh
      Working Hour8255