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    How to Buy from Auctions :


    All Japanese auctions in one single GSA auction portal , you have a wider range of search for stocks .


    Easy 5 Step auction procedure : 


    Step 1

    To become a GSAT JAPAN auction member, an initial deposit is required . Please feel free to talk to our Support team or email to  sales@gsat.jp for details.


    Step 2

    Search your Vehicle and Place your Bid (your Max price) . You can get necessary information from your incharge sales manager to secure a high quality vehicle. 

    For Bidding procedure check  BIDDING


    Step :3

    Biding is processed by GSAT . On winning the stock  Proforma invoice is issued for your to make the payments for the stock purchased . 

    Account can be active with an initial deposit for the continuous purchase .


    Step 4: 

    We accept 50% of the Total Invoice amount to start the shipping of your purchased vehicle . 

    We can board on the next available vessel . Check shipping schedules .


    Step 5: 

    Balance is paid by the customer after the vehicle is shipped and a notification is sent by our Sales Managers . 

    Original documents are released by GSAT with a document  tracking number .


    You are all set to receive your choice of vehicle at your  destination port .