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    2024 Nissan GT-R 3.8 Black Edition 4WD (No.960967)

    🌟 **2024 Nissan GT-R 3.8 Black Edition 4WD: Unleash the Beast** 🌟

    🚙 **Vehicle Details:**
    – **Model:** 2024 Nissan GT-R 3.8 Black Edition 4WD
    – **Color:** Wangan Blue
    – **Mileage:** 50 km
    – **Model Year:** MY24
    – **Body Type:** Coupe
    – **Drive System:** 4WD
    – **Steering Wheel:** Right Hand
    – **Chassis End Number:** 124
    – **Transmission:** 6AT with Floor MT Mode
    – **Displacement:** 3800cc
    – **Passenger Capacity:** 4 people
    – **Engine Type:** Gasoline
    – **Number of Doors:** 2

    🔧 **Advanced Features:**
    – **Electric RECARO Seats:** Superior comfort and support for an exhilarating drive
    – **BOSE Sound System:** Premium audio experience for all passengers
    – **Heated Seats:** Stay warm in any weather
    – **Side Airbags:** Enhanced safety for all occupants
    – **Apple CarPlay & Android Auto:** Seamless connectivity for your devices
    – **Cruise Control:** Maintain your speed effortlessly
    – **Headrest for Cushioning Neck Impact:** Added comfort and safety
    – **Camera:** Back camera for easy parking and maneuvering
    – **Skid Prevention Device:** Enhanced stability and control
    – **Car Navigation:** Memory and more for precise directions
    – **TV:** Full-segment video capabilities
    – **Video:** DVD player for entertainment on the go
    – **Audio:** CD player, music server, and music player connection
    – **ETC:** Electronic Toll Collection system for convenience
    – **Display Audio:** Integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
    – **Keyless Entry:** Smart key for easy access
    – **Power Windows:** Smooth and effortless operation
    – **Genuine Leather Seats:** Premium comfort and luxury
    – **LED Headlights:** Bright and efficient lighting
    – **Full Aero Kit:** Enhanced aerodynamics for better performance

    💪 **Performance and Power:**
    – **Engine:** 3.8L V6 twin-turbocharged engine delivering immense power and acceleration
    – **Transmission:** 6-speed automatic with manual mode for precise control
    – **4WD System:** Superior traction and stability in all conditions

    🎨 **Design and Comfort:**
    – **Stunning Exterior:** Wangan Blue paint for a striking and unique appearance
    – **Premium Interior:** Genuine leather seats with electric adjustments for maximum comfort
    – **Heated Seats:** Ensuring warmth and comfort during cold drives

    🚀 **Experience Unmatched Performance:** The 2024 Nissan GT-R Black Edition is engineered for those who crave speed, power, and luxury. With its advanced features, superior performance, and striking design, this car is ready to dominate the roads.

    📞 **Contact us now to make this extraordinary vehicle yours.** #Nissan #GTR #BlackEdition #PerformanceCar #2024Model #WanganBlue 🚙✨

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      Steering WheelRight Hand
      Buying TypeNew
      MakerNissan GTR
      Fuel typeGasoline
      Mileage50 Km
      Displacement3,800 CC
      Transmission7 AT / MT
      Exterior ColorBlue
      Interior ColorBlack