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    2024 LANDROVER RANGE ROVER SV LWB 4 Seater Electric side steps (No.J0746)

    36,000,000 $256,900

    The 2024 Land Rover Range Rover SV LWB (Long Wheelbase) 4 Seater is a luxury SUV produced by Land Rover, a British automotive manufacturer. As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time information or access to specific car models released after my last knowledge update in September 2021. Therefore, I can provide you with general information about the Range Rover SV LWB, but I may not have details about the specific features of the 2024 model.

    The Range Rover SV LWB is known for its luxurious design, advanced technology, and off-road capabilities. The “LWB” designation indicates the long wheelbase version, which offers additional legroom and comfort for rear-seat passengers compared to the standard wheelbase model. The “SV” in the name stands for Special Vehicle, denoting Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division responsible for creating high-performance and bespoke vehicles.

    As for the “4 Seater” designation, it suggests that the vehicle is configured with four individual seats instead of a conventional rear bench seat. This arrangement typically offers enhanced comfort and luxury for rear passengers, with features like individual seat adjustments, heating/cooling functions, and additional amenities.

    Land Rover Range Rover models are renowned for their off-road capabilities, featuring advanced four-wheel drive systems, adjustable air suspension, and terrain response settings that optimize the vehicle’s performance on different surfaces. The SV LWB variant may also have unique styling elements, performance enhancements, and a more powerful engine compared to the standard models.

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      36,000,000 $256,900
      Steering WheelRight Hand
      Buying TypeNew
      MakerLand Rover
      ModelRange Rover
      Fuel typeGasoline
      Mileage0 Km
      Exterior ColorIce White
      Interior ColorBrown