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    2013 KATO SR-250R 25 Ton ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE (No.J0807)

    14,000,000 Yen $96,500

    1. **Lifting Capacity:** The crane is designed to lift loads of up to 25 tons, making it suitable for a variety of medium-sized lifting tasks.

    2. **Boom Length:** The crane’s boom length can vary, but it typically includes multiple sections that can be extended and retracted to reach different heights. The boom may also be equipped with a jib for additional reach.

    3. **Rough Terrain Capability:** The “rough terrain” designation indicates that the crane is specifically designed to handle uneven and challenging ground conditions. It’s equipped with robust tires and suspension systems to navigate rough terrains commonly found on construction sites.

    4. **Engine:** The crane is likely powered by a diesel engine to provide the necessary power for lifting and maneuvering.

    5. **Controls:** Modern rough terrain cranes come equipped with advanced control systems that allow operators to precisely control lifting, swinging, and other crane functions.

    6. **Safety Features:** Safety is paramount in crane operations. The crane should be equipped with features such as load moment indicators, anti-two block systems, and other safety mechanisms to prevent accidents and ensure safe lifting operations.

    7. **Cab:** The crane’s operator cabin should provide good visibility, comfort, and ergonomic controls to ensure the operator can work efficiently and safely.

    8. **Outriggers:** Rough terrain cranes typically have outriggers that extend from the sides of the crane to provide stability during lifting operations.

    9. **Transportability:** Rough terrain cranes are often designed to be transported to and from job sites on their own wheels, without the need for separate transport vehicles.

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