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    2011 HITACHI ZX120-3 EXCAVATOR (No.J0763)

    Key features and specifications of the 2011 Hitachi ZX120-3 excavator may include:

    1. Engine: It is likely powered by a diesel engine, which provides the necessary power and performance for various excavation tasks.

    2. Operating Weight: The operating weight of the ZX120-3 can vary based on the configuration and attachments, but it typically falls within the range of 12 to 15 metric tons.

    3. Bucket Capacity: The standard bucket capacity for this excavator is typically around 0.3 to 0.6 cubic meters. However, different bucket options may be available to suit various job requirements.

    4. Maximum Digging Depth: The ZX120-3’s maximum digging depth is approximately 5.7 to 6.5 meters, depending on the specific model and boom configuration.

    5. Arm and Boom Length: The length of the arm and boom can also vary, with typical lengths ranging from 3.1 to 4.0 meters for the arm and 5.0 to 6.1 meters for the boom.

    6. Hydraulics: Hitachi’s hydraulic system provides smooth and precise operation, allowing for efficient digging and lifting capabilities.

    7. Operator Comfort: The cabin is designed to offer a comfortable and ergonomic environment for the operator, with easy-to-reach controls and good visibility.

    8. Technology: Depending on the specific model and optional features, the ZX120-3 may include advanced technology such as GPS-based machine control, telematics for remote monitoring, and various safety features.

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