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    2001 KATO KR-25H-V5 ROUGH TERRAIN 25 ton CRANE (No.J0769)


    KATO Works Co., Ltd. is a reputable Japanese manufacturer known for producing high-quality construction machinery and equipment, including rough terrain cranes. Rough terrain cranes are designed to work in off-road and challenging terrains, making them suitable for construction sites, oil and gas projects, and other outdoor applications.

    Key features and specifications of KATO rough terrain cranes typically include:

    1. Lifting Capacity: Rough terrain cranes have varying lifting capacities, and the KR-25H-V5 model is likely to have a specific maximum lifting capacity at a certain radius. This indicates the maximum weight the crane can lift at a specified distance from its center of rotation.

    2. Boom Length: The telescopic boom on the rough terrain crane allows it to extend and retract, reaching different heights depending on the model. The KR-25H-V5 may have a specific boom length range, allowing for flexible use on different job sites.

    3. Four-Wheel Drive: Most rough terrain cranes have a four-wheel-drive system, which enables them to navigate through challenging terrains and rough surfaces more effectively.

    4. Hydraulics: Rough terrain cranes use hydraulic systems to control the boom’s movement, including telescoping, raising, and lowering.

    5. Operator Cab: The operator cab is equipped with controls and instrumentation for safe and precise operation of the crane.

    6. Outriggers: To provide stability during lifting operations, rough terrain cranes are often equipped with outriggers that extend and provide a solid base.

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