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    TCM FD80Z8 8 Ton Diesel Forklift(No.J0759)

    1,300,000 Yen $9,500

    The TCM FD80Z8 is an 8-ton diesel forklift manufactured by TCM Corporation, a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment. TCM is known for producing reliable and high-quality forklifts for various industrial applications.

    Here are some key features and specifications of the TCM FD80Z8 8-ton diesel forklift:

    1. Capacity: The forklift has a lifting capacity of 8 tons, which means it can lift heavy loads with ease.

    2. Power source: It is powered by a diesel engine, providing the necessary power to operate efficiently in demanding environments.

    3. Mast options: The FD80Z8 forklift offers different mast options, such as duplex and triplex masts, which allow for lifting heights suitable for various applications.

    4. Ergonomic design: TCM focuses on operator comfort and safety. The forklift is designed with an ergonomic operator compartment, providing a comfortable working environment and excellent visibility for the operator.

    5. Durability and reliability: TCM forklifts are known for their robust construction and reliability. They are built to withstand demanding industrial operations and provide long-lasting performance.

    6. Advanced features: The FD80Z8 may come equipped with advanced features such as hydraulic functions, side shifters, and attachments like fork positioners or clamps, enhancing its versatility and efficiency.

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      1,300,000 Yen $9,500
      Buying TypeUsed
      Fuel typeDiesel
      Model CodeFD80Z8
      Exterior ColorYellow
      Working Hour2045