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    HITACHI ZX120-3 EXCAVATOR (No.J0795)


    1. **Engine:** The ZX120-3 is typically equipped with a diesel engine, providing the power necessary for excavation tasks. The engine’s horsepower and emission standards may vary based on the regional regulations and the year of manufacture.

    2. **Operating Weight:** The operating weight of the ZX120-3 can vary depending on factors such as the configuration, attachments, and additional equipment. It’s important to refer to the specific machine’s documentation for accurate information.

    3. **Bucket Capacity:** The excavator can be fitted with various bucket sizes, which determines its capacity to move materials during excavation. Bucket sizes can range from smaller buckets for precision work to larger buckets for moving more substantial amounts of material.

    4. **Hydraulic System:** Hydraulic systems in excavators are crucial for controlling the movement of the boom, arm, and bucket. The ZX120-3 is equipped with advanced hydraulic systems to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

    5. **Cabin:** The operator’s cabin is designed for comfort and visibility. It usually features ergonomic controls, air conditioning, and good visibility to enhance the operator’s working experience.

    6. **Attachments:** Excavators like the ZX120-3 can be fitted with various attachments, such as buckets, breakers, thumbs, and grapples, to perform different tasks ranging from digging and loading to demolition and material handling.

    7. **Safety Features:** Safety is a priority, and the ZX120-3 likely includes features like rollover protection, seat belts, and various warning indicators to ensure the operator’s safety during operation.

    8. **Technology:** Depending on the model year, the ZX120-3 might have various technology features like telematics for remote monitoring, advanced control systems, and possibly GPS capabilities.

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