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    2023 Toyota Land Cruiser GXL Manual 4×4 Double Cab: Customized for Ultimate Adventure(No.960971)

    🌟 **2023 Toyota Land Cruiser GXL Manual 4×4 Double Cab: Customized for Ultimate Adventure**
    🚙 **Vehicle Details:**
    – **Model:** 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser GXL
    – **Transmission:** 5-Speed Manual
    – **Engine:** 8-cylinder 4.5L Turbo Diesel
    – **Body Type:** Cab Chassis
    – **Color:** Midnight Blue
    – **Interior Color:** Grey
    – **Doors:** 4
    – **Seats:** 5
    🌟 **Customized Features:**
    – **Brown Davis Long Range Fuel Tank**
    – **6×6 Chassis Extension**
    – **4-inch Lift**
    – **35-inch Maxxis Tyres**
    – **ROH Assault Wheels:** 17×9 Neg 12 offset
    – **Alpha Electric Shock Absorbers**
    – **3-4 inch Radius Arms:** Powder Coated Bronze
    – **185L Brown Davis Fuel Tank**
    – **3.5-inch Torqit Exhaust**
    – **JUST AUTOS Estimate Including:**
    – Multi Map
    – JA Airbox
    – 4″ Stainless Snorkel (Black)
    – G350 inc. Power Pipe
    – JA Fan Kit
    – 1600nm Clutch
    – **Custom Brown Davis 160L Auxiliary Fuel Tank:** Suits Boss Aluminum Tray
    – **ARB Deluxe MKII Winch Bullbar with LED Fog Lights:** Matte Black Finish
    – **ARB Summit Side Rails and Steps with Silver Tread Plates:** Matte Black Finish
    – **BOSS ALUMINIUM 6X6 Tray and Canopy**
    💪 **Performance Enhancements:**
    – **Enhanced Off-Road Capability:** 4-inch lift and 35-inch Maxxis tyres ensure superior ground clearance and traction.
    – **Power and Durability:** 8-cylinder turbo diesel engine paired with a robust 5-speed manual transmission.
    – **Increased Fuel Capacity:** Combined 345L fuel capacity with Brown Davis long range and auxiliary fuel tanks.
    🛠️ **Additional Customizations:**
    – **ARB Deluxe MKII Winch Bullbar:** Equipped with LED fog lights for enhanced visibility.
    – **ARB Summit Side Rails and Steps:** Provide additional protection and ease of access.
    – **BOSS ALUMINIUM 6X6 Tray and Canopy:** Offers ample storage and rugged durability.
    🎨 **Design and Comfort:**
    – **Exterior Color:** Midnight Blue
    – **Interior Color:** Grey
    – **Stylish and Functional:** Matte black finish on bullbar and side rails, powder-coated bronze radius arms, and premium interior features.
    🚀 **Adventure Ready:** The 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser GXL Manual 4×4 Double Cab is built for those who demand the best in off-road performance and on-road comfort. With its extensive customizations and robust features, it’s ready to tackle any terrain and adventure.
    📞 **Contact us now to secure this ultimate off-road machine.** #Toyota #LandCruiserGXL #4×4 #OffRoad #AdventureReady 🚙✨

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      Steering WheelRight Hand
      Buying TypeNew
      ModelLand Cruiser
      Fuel typeDiesel
      Engine8-cylinder 4.5L Turbo Diesel
      Exterior ColorMidnight Blue
      Interior ColorGrey