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    2019 Toyota Century VIPs V8 hybrid luxury vehicle (No.360498)

    16,000,000 Yen $138,900

    Vehicle Outline

    1. An attractive external design that infuses tradition and dignity
    • The outline reflects the Japanese aesthetic of passive symmetry while employing a proprietary ideology that focuses on creating a regal rear seating space. The silhouette is easily recognizable as a chauffeur model. By straightening the slope of the C pillar, the design focus of the cabin shifts to the rear, heightening the importance of the rear in appearance.

    Advanced safety functions suitable for a top-class car

    • The Century comes newly equipped with Toyota Safety Sense and also features a Blind Spot Monitor to detect oncoming vehicles in adjacent lanes, as well as Parking Support Alert9, which helps parking by detecting the surrounding conditions.
    Toyota Safety Sense functions
    • Pre-Collision System (PCS), which helps prevent and mitigate collisions with vehicles and pedestrians ahead.
    • The Lane Departure Alert (LDA) system uses a warning buzzer and display to alert the driver when the vehicle is about to deviate from its lane, and includes an added steer assist capability.
    • Radar Cruise Control (with All-speed Tracking function) helps maintain proper distance from the vehicle ahead.
    • The Adaptive High Beam System (AHS) shields against excess light from preceding vehicles and oncoming vehicles, automatically turns the high beams on and off, and is equipped with a 24 LED light array on the side.
    • The vehicle boasts two new additional features. HELPNET®10 is an automatic emergency reporting system that activates if the airbag is deployed. In such cases, a HELPNET system operator automatically contacts the authorities (police and fire departments). The D-Call Net®11 service can make swift decisions to dispatch air and ground ambulances if the accident is estimated to be severe based on vehicle data.

    Heritage prevails in the phoenix emblem, carefully engraved over a six-week period by a craftsman. The unmistakable emblem portrays the vibrant movement of the wings and delicate feathers, while the grille serves as an ornate backdrop, featuring an infinite loop crown pattern1 that exudes a dignified panache.

    1. Elegant cabin space befitting VIPs
    • An increase of 65 millimeters in wheelbase creates a more spacious rear seat and ample leg room. The height difference between the scuff plate and floor has decreased by 15 millimeters to ensure the floor mats2 lay flat when installed. This also improves ease of entering and exiting the car.
    Main specifications of the hybrid system
    Displacement4,968 cc
    Maximum output280 kW [381 PS] / 6,200 rpm
    Maximum torque510 N・m [52.0 kgf・m] / 4,000 rpm
    MotorMaximum output165 kW [224 PS]
    Maximum torque300 N・m [30.6 kgf・m]
    Complete system317 kW [431 PS]
    BatteryNickel-metal hydride

    Contact Information

    This vehicle has been inspected by an authorized  dealer or service partner and includes additional services.

    +81 90 9974 7900

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      16,000,000 Yen $138,900
      Steering WheelRight Hand
      Fuel typeGasoline
      Model CodeDAA-UWG60
      Mileage40000 Km
      Engine 5.0-liter V8 hybrid
      Displacement4,968 CC
      Exterior ColorBlack
      Interior ColorBeige Leather